Celebrations in the UK

Well, they say every picture tells a story and generally that’s right – especially when its photos of people having fun. Our recent short trip to the UK was one big round of fun so for this post I will rely on pictures rather than words which is rather unusual for me, as you know. It will probably be the shortest so far.

We arrived at Stansted on Thurs 6th July and had a really pleasant BBQ with Andrea, David, Fiona and Martin. It was warm. We sat outside until midnight. Was this really the UK we wondered?

The following day we went to a Dog Show. Neither of us had been to a proper dog show before. I had once gone to a local fete with my Retriever, Charlie, who won “most smiley dog” or something like that – but this show was for real!

Mylo on the run

Lovely lady Calypso

…and young Meira or Miera….Sorry!

As well as watching Andrea show her three dogs we amused ourselves trying to guess the number of spots in the Dalmatian ring and watching the agility dogs….

…. they were amazing. Well, some of them were though one or two decided that once off the lead the food tents were fair game.

That evening we met up with Caroline and John and several of their guests for a pre-wedding get together before the first “Big Day” on Saturday 8th July at the Athenaeum in Bury St. Edmunds.

It was a very special day. Gorgeous weather, great guests, lovely family and a fantastic bride and groom.

Mr and Mrs Joplin

Yeah… confetti sisters

Margaret….giving her daughter away and her speech. Amazing lady.

Who said you could tell that story……

Morecambe… or Wise….

Even we managed to scrub up well.

Lots more guests came for the evening – including Andrea and Fiona, the latter of whom……

……now awaits “A level” results [more celebrating hopefully].

Caroline and John showed us all how it should be done….

….and then we bopped the night away.

Nothing like a spot of “uncle dancing” before being the last people to leave.

It was then up to Cheshire for some more food in the garden – this time with Chris and John.

Can’t remember what the joke was but it was obviously a good one.

House projects took up two days of the week and then I met up with some of the “Sundowners”….and remembered to take my camera this time.

A few members of “the best team”

You will hopefully see more of them soon as there is a little get together planned in Valencia in October.

On Thursday 13th Mike joined “the boys” in Manchester – to decorate the venue for the following day and I was with “the girls” in Holcombe Brook…..

Bride to be….

…and bridesmaids

…… arranging some of the table flowers.

Top table stuff….

Simple but very beautiful and very effective was the overall approach to Jenny and Tom’s wedding.

Mum, daughter, freesias from the garden, beautiful bouquet..gorgeous

The venue was “Victoria’s warehouse” in Manchester which is quite amazing – but unfortunately I wasn’t set up for fairy lit photography so this was the only photo I got.

Suffice to say Jenny was a most beautiful bride and Tom a lovely groom. Thanks to Andrea Seed who put this photograph, and those below, onto FB which I could steal!

We had just enough time the following day to recover over a big breakfast in Chorlton with Steve and Mary when it was time to party, party, party, yet again to celebrate Dave’s 60th.

Mary’s amazing creation..

Fabulous friends

WOW – Dave is 60!

….and us!

And that, dear friends, is that. We left the UK on Wed 19th July having really enjoyed everyone’s celebrations and just sorry that we can’t join Phil and Emma [Happy Wedding Day], Chris and John [Happy 1st Anniversary], Peter and Lin [Lin’s 60th] and everyone else who has reason to celebrate at the moment.

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