Rabbit Las Galletas

Rabbit Casserole

Rabbit Casserole

Ingredients [for two people]:

1 Rabbit, skinned and chopped

1 Onion

3 Cloves of garlic

125g Mushrooms

175ml Chicken stock

White wine



The rabbit came as a whole one from the butchers [chopped and its head offered to us – but refused!].

Brown the pieces all over and divide into three separate portions. Store two for e.g. Curry or Tagine. Our rabbit was much too big for just one meal but a smaller rabbit may be enough just for two large portions. Having cooked it, prior to storing it we took it off the bone.

Fry onion until softened, add garlic and mushrooms. Deglaze pan with white wine.

Add stock. Add rabbit. Cook on low heat with lid for 20minutes or more. Season to taste

Serve with canary potatoes and wilted spinach/local greens.


Squid With Beans and Ham

500g Squid

100g Serrano Ham [lardons]

250g Broad Beans – preferably fresh but if not available canned/jar will work

2 Cloves garlic

150g Stock [Fish if available]

Ground Black Pepper


Clean squid removing heads, quills and sacs. Keep tentacles.

Fry the ham and garlic for 5 minutes.

Add all other ingredients and simmer for 20 minutes.

Season with pepper. It is unlikely you will need salt due to the stock and the ham.

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  1. Hey there – was hoping for some more fishy recipes.
    We’re getting ready for our trip now – who knows – we might see you around one fine day
    Hope you have always just the right amount of wind in your sail

  2. Hi People,
    been searching for a guestbook – but to no avail and as I do not have an e-mail adress for you either I’LL just leave a short message here.
    At first we would both like to thank you for your messages left on our guestbook and also wish you a wonderful and adventurous new year and always the right amount of wind in your sails.
    I always think my blogs are long but they can certainly not compete with yours – I am very impressed! But then I think it must be easier to keep up with the lot when your are on a boat the sat in a sidecar (which funnily enough is sometimes also called a boat in German). I am now 3 countries behind with my blogin and at the moment we are in Vietnam – having left our beloved Liza behind in Cambodia as they will not let her into this country. We have bought a little original Chinese fake Honda and are touring this weird and wonderful country on it.
    Seems to me like you are having same same but different fun and games entering and staying in places like we are.
    We are crossing SE Asia and Indochina and hope to get to Oz around June (or so).
    You are both really looking well on these pics and seem to have a good time all in all.
    Hope to run into you at some point (probably in a more or less distant future) Until then all the best.
    Kerstin and Kevin

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  4. I will love to talk to you please send my a email
    [email protected]

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