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Passage to Martinique

Our original intention, once in Grenada, was to hop up the islands alternately and visit the others on the way back down. Thus, on leaving Carriacou [which you will remember is part of Grenada] we had planned on by-passing St. Vincent and the Grenadines and going straight to St. Lucia. However, generally speaking checking in …

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Bluggoe, Callalloo and Mangrove Oysters

8.00am on 19th Jan and it was up with the anchor and off to Port St. Charles for some duty free fuel [which you can get after clearing out] and the water tanks refilled. It was really good to get a proper supply of water on board. Filling jerry cans at the Yacht Club and/or …

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Life in Barbados

What is the world coming to? This is the second consecutive entry without mention of daring deeds and adventure on the high seas. Obviously we are beginning to live life according to “Siga Siga” and take things more slowly. But don’t despair yachting chums, I can’t actually manage to write without some reference to life …

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