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Bay of Biscay

We did it! In the scheme of things to come it is a short journey but its our longest yet – and the Bay of Biscay does have a bit of a reputation. But first a little bit about the Isles of Scilly. As others have reported it is rather like Cornwall but also rather …

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Liverpool to Isles of Scilly

Well, I am sure that a real blogger is far more prolific than I have been – but there has been a lot going on – so I will try better in the future and, for now, bring you up to date. Whilst this blog is quite obviously about the trip to wherever life, fair …

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Ardrossan to Liverpool

Well, we had to start the blog somewhere and though it should perhaps have been last year we failed miserably – so I will try to make up for it now in one article covering our time since buying “Siga Siga”. Firstly, we bought her as “Rogue” when she was lying at Glasson Dock. How …

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