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A few words about the Vivorillo Cays

I just realised that I didn’t say anything about the Vivorillo Cays in my last blog post – which is really quite an omission, particularly for yachty readers. The Vivorillos are one of a number of Cays lying at the eastern end of North Honduras. Traditionally yachts have sailed around all these Cays passing to …

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Roatan to Providencia via Guanaja

As reported in the last blog post we were waiting for a replacement part to come from the US – carefully couriered by Bob and Peg [JD and Linda’s son and wife]. This arrived on February 3rd which, rather miraculously, coincided with a favourable weather report for getting at least as far as Guanaja [the …

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Out and About – Roatan Anchorages

As the last couple of blog posts have been based around “Siga Siga” being at French Cay regular readers will probably have worked out that this is the main anchorage on Roatan. By main, I mean the one that the majority of cruisers spend the majority of their time at – be it in one …

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